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28 Jan


We never posted how amazing Hawaii was? Chelley must have a case of pregnant brain, because we’re STILL raving about the trip!  Even in the midst of APEC and all the road closures, we found a lot of peace and fell in love with the north shore of Honolulu.  The wedding was simple beauty, and we wish Ali and Chris tons of love and happiness as they celebrate their marriage and birth of their first child, too!

Pictures can do it no justice, but here are a few to try:

Ali & Bassi’s first kiss!

At the luau

Our hike before getting on the flight home.

Pearl Harbor

At the wedding

We had such an amazing time and are so glad we got to not only spend time with friends in Hawaii, but spend some loving time together before the arrival of our little girl.  We may not always have Paris, but we’ll always have Hawaii!