Le petit enfant

7 Nov

Didja hear?!  We’re having a baby!

We’re due April 25th, and cannot wait to find out if we will be having a girl or boy November 3oth!!! The room is coming along nicely- lots of plans, nothing real, yet.

Chelley’s been benched from running- and she’s not too happy about it, but other than that mom and baby are both active and healthy.  Dave is working at MediaVue as the RMA manager and in R&D, while Chelley is dispatching at moo.com and awaiting what looks to be an extended maternity leave so she can be home with the babe and Carter and Morgan, too!  Dave’s pedal line, Made-Rite!, and Worth Amps are still in production, and while B-Sharp is going through transition, Domenick is always there to make your musical dreams come true, while Dave is still doing amp, pedal and small electronic repairs and mods.

Hawaii is coming up this week and we can’t wait for our vacation to relax and rejuvenate before the next hectic 18 years.


All this and so much more…

24 Jul

Thank you for this blog!!!

We’re excited our love is so evident to others… and we’ll be your BFF’s 🙂

Hot Dog

23 Jul

So… Carter’s 1st birthday was yesterday. We were aiming for a BBQ with friends and their dogs, puppies and newest edition: Morty.  We planned to serve hot dogs, cake for the puppies and have goodie bags for puppy friends… but with 95+degree weather, paired with humidity, we called it off.  Carter was already a hot dog, and we figured the once hilarity of serving hot dogs was becoming a real danger.

Serving a bowl of ice for CJ and ice cream for us, we went with a more family style celebration, spending the evening laying in our bedroom with the air conditioning on, as it’s the only room with AC, streaming Battlestar Galactica from Netflix. It was uneventful, but perhaps after the week we had, uneventful was eventful enough.

Happy 1st birthday to our handsome little puppy, Carter Jay!


20 Jun

Have we mentioned before how much we love the Allebach’s and Allebach Photography?  Good- because we do!

Mike did an amazing shoot for us when we were in Philadelphia for Nick and Geoff’s graduation.  From h i g h s c h o o l .  We’re getting old!

If you’re like woah! about this picture, as we are, you’ll be more shocked to know that I was, 3 minutes before this, waist deep in the Atlantic- yet Mike found the best lighting, and we all look pretty damn good (and dirty)! Before this, Mike helped us awkwardly pose outside a Christmas shop on the boardwalk, get supremely dirty from bike grease and ice cream, trespass, laugh a lot, play on bumper cars, make inappropriate (but funny) comments, and field the stares from people wondering what the heck was going on with this “bride and groom” situation.  How many photogs have the sarcasm to match ours?  Just one.

If you’re wondering, Chelley’s wedding gown is preserved, in a box, for the day when our future daughter wants to laugh at her for wearing a taffeta dress, then ogle at how tiny she was when we got married… this is a dress that was purchased during a $99 sale at David’s Bridal.  We highly recommend you hire the Allebach’s to do your wedding… also: have a photobooth, a non-commercial DJ or band, and trash the dress session with Mike, even if the dress isn’t yours!  This session allowed Dave to be nerdy and wear khaki pants and a bow tie for the first time ever, and Chelley to wear a champagne dress with pick-ups (the things that make you look like you look like a cupcake, if you’re not careful)- totally not us (well, Dave is a nerd).  We were a nerdy, cupcake couple and we’ll have some (more) great pictures from the ever-talented Mike Allebach- our house is becoming an homage to his great work.  Can’t wait for some more milestones in life for the Allebach’s to capture!

an original:

Not only was the shoot awesome, but the wings the boys split was a fun intro (we haven’t seen Mike in almost 2 years) and our dinner of tacos, quesos and beers was pretty great, too!  We can’t wait to see more pics!  Thank you, Mike!!!!!!!!!!!

Location:  Ocean City, NJ

Photos by:  Mike Allebach from Allebach Photography
website: http://www.allebachphotography.com/
blog: http://www.philadelphia-weddingphotography.com/
phone:   (610) 539-6920


11 Jun
I’m usually terrible with advice, but in light of tragedy I offer this: Don’t be too busy, too broke, too tired, or too cool to acknowledge those around you who are inspiring. Whether it’s the woman who always remembers the way you take your coffee, your partner who knows you need a foot massage, or a high school friend you desire to wish well. Do it. There may not be a tomorrow, why not take advantage of today?


Jimmy Stevenson, you will be missed by your closest and farthest friends. May you rest in peace.


21 Mar

Our baby boy was hit by a car after our fence blew over in the wind.

To be brief, he is OK, we are loaded with vet bills, and the driver didn’t stop, so we’re annoyed at the neighborhood in general- But, our boy is safe.  He lost a lot of blood and skin from his back right foot, which is currently bandaged up to his thigh.  He is also on some antibiotics and pain medication- keeping a puppy down is hard- sometimes I wish he would just be swaddled and lay in a crib (hmmm).

Dave has been amazing- helping with the puppy lifting and putting him to sleep by rubbing his nose.  … and being the sole money-maker, currently.

Chelley’s been staying at home because Carter can’t maneuver alone- especially with his E-collar.

We want to thank everyone for their kind words and get well wishes for Carter!

Another birthday…

16 Mar

We spent Chel’s 25th in Mexico, celebrating our honeymoon and her getting old. Nono, just another year. Yes.  It was amazing- even through the one day of rain, all we felt was the sun!

Alas, the economy and world traumas have gotten us down.  Maybe we forgot that we care about each other and that marriage isn’t like dating- it takes work- everyday, or maybe we just got broke and remembered that we want to re-fence the backyard and wasted our energy on new fencing rather than each other.  Whatever it is that made us so driven to make and save money, leaving our date nights and childlike behavior to the wind- we want it back!

With race season in full swing, there is no way to leave now, but 27 is looming in November and Chelley’s oldest friend from Meadowbrook School is getting married (after 20+ years as friends we have to go… as if we need an excuse!)– in Hawaii!  So, this November, we’ll be packing our bags and heading to:

The Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel… hopefully we’ll be towing a soon-to-be bundle, too (and by “we”… well, you get it).  Looks like the end of the 2011 season will be bringing us more excitement.

So, be jealous, be happy, just plain don’t care- but we’re doing date night and we’re doing it big- pure Chelley and Dave style!

Thank you Ali, for getting married (and AMEX for fronting the funds while we scramble around for the next 30 days attempting to scratch the cash to pay for it!).

27th birthday gift ideas: cash, cash, flip flops, no wine, fencing.