So… there are been very few things in life beyond foods that are our favorites.

Please, do not dis avocado. Ever.

For starters, we’d like to have the first FAVORITE page feature Allebach Photograhy.

Allebach’s Blog/Website

Mike and Rachel do THE most amazing work we have ever seen.

Back story:
Chelley cried only twice during wedding planning, the first time was because she could not settle on toasting flutes (they were all too crystal-y; thank heaven for Vera Wang’s simple designs), the second was when a group photographer contact had the balls, the pure audacity to man-up and interrupt her (we’ll call them Bella Photography, because they were!).  She answered the phone, excited about who it could be- wedding planning was just beginning and she was having great luck finding vendors, locations and even her bridesmaids had stopped trying to convince her she didn’t want to get married- thanks, ladies.  Then, the ball dropped- hard.  The contact from Bella super destroyed her spirit as he explained it was “easy to airbrush tattoos out of photos”.  And after she found words that had more than 4 letters, she let herself speak, “please, do not contact me again.”
On to the Allebach’s!  After searching in GOOGLE for “tattooed bride photographer”, the Allebach website showed up.  Intrigued, enthralled, supremely excited- Chelley emailed and screamed for Dave to check out the blog!  He, too, was stoked.
Chelley went home to Philadelphia to meet the amazing couple (please visit their page- they met in the most adorable way), their epic son Elijah (who is now joined by twin brothers) and their pup.  With her Mom, they decided that come hell or high water (haha… remember the wedding  when it flooded?), Mike Allebach would be shooting the wedding. And so it was.

But, the amazing photography doesn’t stop there… Mike did an awesome engagement shoot for us in Philadelphia at Love Park, and enjoyed our wedding with us- and had Erik… quirky, redheaded awesomeness  Erik’s Blog.

The photos from our day are, literally, so awesome, it’s been a year and we can’t whittle down from our favorite 82 pictures for our photo album.  Oh screw… our favorite 800 pictures!  THANK YOU ALLEBACH PHOTOGRAPHY!

P.S. This is what we had to say about Mike… it’s all true… and we can(‘t) wait for a little bit to come along so we have an excuse to get more Allebach pictures taken… but first- TTD session this summer… anyone want to come to the Cliff Walks for some true wedding gown debauchery?

Mike and his sidekick for the day, Erik, literally had to row into our wedding, but did so with smiles and laughs (even after I was found sleeping behind the couch in the bridal suite). They followed us around with some awesome candids and had some amazing ideas for the artistic side, too!
The engagement session was epic, as well, adding our goofy side and Mike’s great eye for location and lighting. If there was one good thing to say about Allebach Photography, I’d be lost… because you can’t find just one great thing- there’s a million and one.
From the moment you meet Rachel and Mike, the ever dapper punk rocker Elijah (haven’t met the twins), and Lady, you are welcomed into a whole new world of wedding treatment- they care about your wedding, your groom and even answer all of Mom’s questions.
If they don’t have your date available, wait til they do. “Worth-it” doesn’t describe the full spectrum of their service and friendship.
P.S. There aren’t enough stars in this rating system!
Thank you a billion and one times!!
Chelley and Dave Martinka



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