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20 Jun

Have we mentioned before how much we love the Allebach’s and Allebach Photography?  Good- because we do!

Mike did an amazing shoot for us when we were in Philadelphia for Nick and Geoff’s graduation.  From h i g h s c h o o l .  We’re getting old!

If you’re like woah! about this picture, as we are, you’ll be more shocked to know that I was, 3 minutes before this, waist deep in the Atlantic- yet Mike found the best lighting, and we all look pretty damn good (and dirty)! Before this, Mike helped us awkwardly pose outside a Christmas shop on the boardwalk, get supremely dirty from bike grease and ice cream, trespass, laugh a lot, play on bumper cars, make inappropriate (but funny) comments, and field the stares from people wondering what the heck was going on with this “bride and groom” situation.  How many photogs have the sarcasm to match ours?  Just one.

If you’re wondering, Chelley’s wedding gown is preserved, in a box, for the day when our future daughter wants to laugh at her for wearing a taffeta dress, then ogle at how tiny she was when we got married… this is a dress that was purchased during a $99 sale at David’s Bridal.  We highly recommend you hire the Allebach’s to do your wedding… also: have a photobooth, a non-commercial DJ or band, and trash the dress session with Mike, even if the dress isn’t yours!  This session allowed Dave to be nerdy and wear khaki pants and a bow tie for the first time ever, and Chelley to wear a champagne dress with pick-ups (the things that make you look like you look like a cupcake, if you’re not careful)- totally not us (well, Dave is a nerd).  We were a nerdy, cupcake couple and we’ll have some (more) great pictures from the ever-talented Mike Allebach- our house is becoming an homage to his great work.  Can’t wait for some more milestones in life for the Allebach’s to capture!

an original:

Not only was the shoot awesome, but the wings the boys split was a fun intro (we haven’t seen Mike in almost 2 years) and our dinner of tacos, quesos and beers was pretty great, too!  We can’t wait to see more pics!  Thank you, Mike!!!!!!!!!!!

Location:  Ocean City, NJ

Photos by:  Mike Allebach from Allebach Photography
phone:   (610) 539-6920