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All this and so much more…

24 Jul

Thank you for this blog!!!

We’re excited our love is so evident to others… and we’ll be your BFF’s 🙂


Carter Jay

11 Oct

May we introduce to you, Carter Jay Martinka.  He is a beautiful 10 1/2 week old catahoula/lab mix, lovingly called a labrahoula.
He comes to us from a high kill shelter in Tennessee, with a mighty bark and a gentle bite.  We can’t wait for everyone to meet him!

The proud parents, waiting to pick up our new baby!

DOB: 7/22/2010

WEIGHT: 8-9 pounds

COLORING: brown and black leopard with white markings

Why a blog? Why not.

3 Apr

So… as it so happens, we have family EVERYWHERE… and friends even further.
With that, perhaps it’s time (or long over-due) for a blog.

In the past year, we’ve purchased a home and gotten married- yes, Dave asked Chelley to be his wife after 10 blissful days of dating… she said “no”, but he quickly recovered (“I love you… r new sweater”).  Eventually, she agreed.

After a year of home ownership, lessons that can be learned are:
Put glue on stick tiles, hire someone to plaster the big parts, buy extra drop cloths, get some sleep and have a lot of fun renovating.

A brief introduction:
Dave and Chelley met in early 2004 at Julian’s in Providence.  It was here that Dave served Chelley some fine libations, where he was tending bar while opening BSharp.  2004… serving? Wait, wasn’t the Miss Worth only 20?! Yep, we met under illegal circumstances.
After college, and about a million different moves between Philadelphia, PA, Marlton, NJ, Alexandria, VA and back- Chelley reestablished herself in Providence, again, and on a brisk afternoon settled into an outdoor seat at (no other place for brunch!) Julian’s.  Who else should walk by, and not recognize her, but sweet David Martinka- on his way to work, stopping in for coffee.  After some light chat (“Yep, same Chelley”) and a boyish smile, he went off to BSharp.
Long story, sans the trivial, Dave and Chelley ended up at (gasp!) Julian’s for brunch after the new year 2008.  Dave went dutch (nice).
Chelley, however, could not resist his charming ways, silly hair or overall genuine heart and gave in for a second date, then a 3rd…
After declaring Ice Coffee Day and remembering Dave’s favorite spinach pie, Chelley knew it was love, and a beautiful ring was exchanged in September 2008… while Chelley was doing laundry.

… there is so much more to our story, but we’ll leave you lingering here.

On that note: 8 months of wedded bliss this day!