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Le petit enfant

7 Nov

Didja hear?!  We’re having a baby!

We’re due April 25th, and cannot wait to find out if we will be having a girl or boy November 3oth!!! The room is coming along nicely- lots of plans, nothing real, yet.

Chelley’s been benched from running- and she’s not too happy about it, but other than that mom and baby are both active and healthy.  Dave is working at MediaVue as the RMA manager and in R&D, while Chelley is dispatching at and awaiting what looks to be an extended maternity leave so she can be home with the babe and Carter and Morgan, too!  Dave’s pedal line, Made-Rite!, and Worth Amps are still in production, and while B-Sharp is going through transition, Domenick is always there to make your musical dreams come true, while Dave is still doing amp, pedal and small electronic repairs and mods.

Hawaii is coming up this week and we can’t wait for our vacation to relax and rejuvenate before the next hectic 18 years.