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All this and so much more…

24 Jul

Thank you for this blog!!!

We’re excited our love is so evident to others… and we’ll be your BFF’s 🙂


Hot Dog

23 Jul

So… Carter’s 1st birthday was yesterday. We were aiming for a BBQ with friends and their dogs, puppies and newest edition: Morty.  We planned to serve hot dogs, cake for the puppies and have goodie bags for puppy friends… but with 95+degree weather, paired with humidity, we called it off.  Carter was already a hot dog, and we figured the once hilarity of serving hot dogs was becoming a real danger.

Serving a bowl of ice for CJ and ice cream for us, we went with a more family style celebration, spending the evening laying in our bedroom with the air conditioning on, as it’s the only room with AC, streaming Battlestar Galactica from Netflix. It was uneventful, but perhaps after the week we had, uneventful was eventful enough.

Happy 1st birthday to our handsome little puppy, Carter Jay!