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Congratulations to Jenn & Mike!

28 Aug

Jenn Valentine and Mike Viele made it official today in a beautiful farm-like setting at Bittersweet Farm in Westport, MA.

Some faves:

Jenn was, as you can see, a beautiful bride and Mike made us all cry during the ceremony with his vows and tears.  A good time was had by all. Thank you, Mike and Jenn, for a beautiful day and inviting us to celebrate with you!



Black Mastic

18 Aug

This is the enemy of the Martika family.

It does not come up… if you come into a black mastic glue issue on your floor- please do not contact us.
It’s a terrible, terrible product. It’s the black Spiderman costume. There is nothing nice to say about it. Nothing. Be ware.

On a good note- the basement will be completed as soon as we figure out how to make it go away.


12 Aug

… it went well.

Chelley is in recovery, which means no running for a week. If surgery was Friday the 6th and Chelley went running Wednesday the 11th, than who wants to guess she’s feeling it now?

Beyond that, we’re both doing well.

Nick and Geoff are back in PA… well, actually Florida, to visit Jessica (aka Mrs. Schmidt).  Then it’s back to Huntingdon Valley, UMHS and SENIOR YEAR!!!  We’re SO excited the boys are going to be going to college- infact, we hope in inherit Nick- who wants to go to JWU for culinary ahaats (or arts, if you’re not from New England).

Life is at the unexciting level here, but that’s a good thing!  It took a week to eat the entire top of the cake- so we’re feeling sick.  A little down time and some more of these cool nights, and we’re bound to be more exciting soon. Til then- respect the doctor’s orders: get sleep and take it easy!

A Year!

3 Aug

A full year of Martinka-madness has passed. We are officially in the Old Married club, and it agrees with us, too!

We ate our cake (the top) and drank some champagne and had a wonderful dinner Mom Worth-LaManna booked for us at Cafe LaFontana (where we had our rehearsal dinner).  We’ve learned a lot about life and love this year, but more importantly, we learned about how we can continue to grow as a couple.

Thank you to everyone for the warm wishes via telephone, FB, email and texts.  You’re all family- and we remember everyone who shared in our special day (and people whom we should have known then so we could reminisce now).

Here’s to another happy and healthy hundred years- and more memories to share and room to grow!

Worth + Martinka +8.02.09 = love ❤