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27 Jul

As two people embarking on a journey together (aka marriage), we have the usual hopes and dreams most young couples share: a home (check), a pet (check), plenty of love (check), a working knowledge of how to keep each other and ourselves happy (check), children, a retirement fund, a puppy and, perhaps, a new kitchen.  All of these thoughts in tow, we search the internet for interesting blogs, articles, NPR broadcasts and Hulu updates, often coming across some pretty petty stuff.

The most recent life-scare: parenting products?

However, the worst part of this website crawl came in the form of a dude who felt the need to open his mouth about moms with tattoos. Dad#1 seems a little too preoccupied with “what other people might someday think about you”.  Personally, dude, we’re thinkin’ you have a commitment problem, and a grammar issue, too (please note “tattoo” has multiple t’s and “excersise”… are we sounding it out as ex-sur-size, because it’s ex-er-size), jerk.

on May 05, 2010
For a second. . . just imagine your Grandma or Great-Grandmother with tatoos and how ridiculous they would look to you. Can you imagine your grandmother cooking at the stove or taking a summer walk with short sleeves with an arm or neck full of ink???? All of your friends would be talking behind your back about your nutty tatooed Grandma. Would remind me of trailer trash. . . sorry! Girls. . . really think about it before you get this done. Look how fast the tatoo-removal business is growing. Divorce, break-ups, new interests – change over time. Tatoos that have meaning today, might be a painful reminder tomorrow and you might hate what’s PERMANENTLY imprinted in your skin. Part2

on May 05, 2010
All I can say is future REGRETS. Respect your beautiful body, treat it with dignity (not as a canvas), eat sensibly, excercise, have high self esteem, and be grateful for who you are. You don’t need ink to seemingly ‘beautify’ yourself, or to fit in with the crowd. I know I will get a lot of flack from the tatooed crowd, but know I have a lot of support from other parents, teens, and men who know better. Trust me, girls, men don’t necessarily think tatoos are sexy on women – even though that’s all you see in pictures and on the beach. I sure don’t. If you feel you “need” a tatoo – get a rub-on or paint one on. Surely not as ‘cool’, but definitely not permanent. Part 3

on May 05, 2010
You can always re-do your temporary one as many times as you want. . . and then it CAN go away when you decide you don’t need it any longer to attract men or feel better about something. Part 4 OK tatoo crowd. . . fire away!!

Sometimes, world, we’re so over you!  Love always, Dave and Chelley


Toby Andrew Worth

24 Jul

Sad but true, a Worth update.  Toblerone Andrew (aka Toby), Jessica’s beautiful chocolate (Marley-esq) lab passed away July 12th.  He was an old boy. A good boy. A well missed boy.

A full-bodied lab, Toby housed a grave fear of swimming and exercise, in general.  His true passions were eating and barking.  He missed you before you could leave and loved you before he met you.  If you never knew him, watch Marley and Me (better yet, read the book) and you will see what the Worth family went through with this heap of fur!  RIP.

Susan Worth-LaManna, Chel’s mom, has his ashes to keep with Bill, the Worth sheltie who passed in 2005.

Spill some kibble for those lost pups this summer: Toby Worth and Grommit Chevalier (Mike and Sacha’s beautiful pitt).


22 Jul

So… Our projector bulb burned out.  We will survive and Dave is now on a mission to create a replacement bulb, seeing as the model is discontinued and people want $300 or more for one.  How about, no?  Apparently this is something InFocus does: create a “family” projector, i.e. one that is NOT $1,000.  Then they discontinue it within 5 years, and all its parts. Nice. Although, supposing in recent years, this is the new American way.  So Dave continues on his mission to light, while Chelley continues to gather up stamina and sweaty shirts in hopes for a 2hour, 30 minute finish in her first 1/2 marathon.  Yikes!

Good luck to us… whatever that entails!

The boys!

6 Jul

Nick and Geoff are here with us for the remainder of the summer.

At the start of this adventure, it was truly to benefit their growth and development into men- college bound gentlemen off to experience the world away from home for the first time; however, I think we’re all gaining some insight here.
From day one there was tension, and in learning to handle said tension, a bit more tension arose.  From the inevitable explosion, we learned a lot about all of Chelley’s siblings, as well as the fact that although it’s hard to get a hold of her mom at 2pm, at 2am she will answer her phone.
There happens to be guilt-tripping, some playing off each other and a few other undesirable traits in the Worth-family, but, all-in-all, a pretty coherent bunch!  There will always be questions left unanswered and experiences we all wish could have been different for the 4 Worth’s, but the lessons learned (such as: treat others as you want to be treated, even if others will never treat you that way in return…), the sweat drawn and the hugs shared are something we look forward to as siblings, in-laws and future parents.

Onto the adventures of the Worth/Martinka summer…