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26 Apr

We have new glasses!

Although, this is not actually important, getting an eye exam is!
It is reported that less than 50% of Americans get their eyes examined every two years, as recommended… it is also important to note that adult Americans surveyed listed “vision” as their most important sense (  WHY AREN’T YOU GETTING YOUR EYES CHECKED!?

Annual eye exams not only help correct vision problems, but can also reveal the warning signs of more serious undiagnosed health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes- these exams are necessary to keep us healthy!

There are many warning signs that are apparent: blurred vision, yellowing of the whites, floaters that never disappear, but there are diseases that are in the eye that may be cured or slowed when caught at an early enough stage.

A personal story: Chelley’s best friend, Nick, lost his eye when a tumor was found on his Optic Nerve. Nick had not been to the eye doctor in years, but began seeing spots and after a few months decided to go to the doctor to get an eye exam.  After much research and testing, the issue with Nick’s vision was a malignant tumor located directly on the Optic Nerve (paired cranial nerve, but considered part of the central nervous system- main component to how vision is connected to the brain).  Because this is such a rare form of cancer with limited research, Nick had no choice but to lose his eye.  With a fancy eye patch and new technologies, you would never know the handsome chap has one glass eye under his thick framed glasses, but every year Nick returns to the doctor for more testing, eye fittings and general eye care that he can never let lapse again.

Disease Awareness Glossary (from

Strabismus – A condition in which difficulty with eye muscle balance and coordination causes one or both eyes to turn in, out, up or down.

Macular Degeneration – A disease in which the macula undergoes vascular or aging changes that may lead to the loss of central vision if untreated.

Glaucoma – An eye disease in which the internal pressure of the eye increases; it may cause permanent damage to the optic nerve, leading to blindness if not properly treated.

Floaters – Small, cloudy specks of various sizes that form in the vitreous fluid of the eye.

Astigmatism – A condition that occurs when the cornea is misshapen to some degree, causing light to focus improperly on the retina.

Farsightedness – The common term for hyperopia.

Myopia – Nearsightedness; a condition in which distant objects appear blurred.

Amblyopia – A condition resulting in the functional non-use of one eye due to a problem of focusing an image on the retina; also known as “lazy eye.”

Keratoconus – A disease in which the cornea becomes misshapen, causing blurry vision.

Presbyopia – A condition related to the normal aging process, in which it becomes difficult to focus on close-up objects.

Refraction – The eye’s natural ability to focus light rays properly on the retina.

Color Vision Deficiency – A genetically inherited trait in which the ability to distinguish some colors is less than normal.

Diabetic Retinopathy – Associated with diabetes, an eye disease that can lead to blindness.

Hyperopia – Farsightedness; a condition in which close-up objects appear blurred

Cataracts – A condition caused by a clouding of the internal lens of the eye, causing blurred or distorted vision.

Nearsightedness – The common term for myopia.

Please be aware of your eyes- they are the gateway to the soul…

Nicky, you still have the most beautiful baby blues!


12 Years Living (Chelley’s eyes)

21 Apr

It’s been a whopping 12 years that the Worth’s have been without their Mr.
Without their father, husband, best friend.
Without his chuckle, multiple sneezes or shoulder rides.
Without trips to Silvio’s, GA’s pool or Hanover, PA for gymnastic meets.

It’s not getting easier, but it’s not getting harder. It’s just different. Every year is different. New thoughts push through my head everyday telling me of all the experiences he is missing… then again, all the experiences I’m missing. Everything I have missed since I was 13. Every step I would have  taken in different motion.  Each new concept burns hotter in my chest- would I have had the motivation to be a vet, like I always wanted to be?  Would I have stayed in private school?  Would I have ever quit gymnastics?  Would I have stayed with hockey enough to become an Olympic athlete?

Where would I be… where would my loved ones be?

Nick and Geoff are strong men now, but where would they have been with my Dad still here to guide them? To bring them to school everyday, like he did for Jess and me.  (grammar note:  How do you know when to use “me” or “I”?  …like he did for me. not … like he did for I.  Therefore, add “Jess” to the me… like he did for Jess and  me.  End lesson)  To teach them sports, and hand holding and how to ask a girl out?

Jessica- she is the most beautiful woman you could be blessed to know. She is strong and brave, charismatic and loving, understanding and capable, but she too has led a valiant battle against the odds.  She has lived a life others only read about in books, or see on television.  She is a success story, a story of failures and triumphs, who happened to achieve happiness one day.  But would she have ever fallen so far with him still here?  Thank you for helping April see some light, Mrs. Schmidt.

My mother, who encompasses everything a true goddess should, is the glue that binds the Worth-family together.  She is the one who dried our eyes on the day she lost the love of her life, her chosen partner.  Does it hurt more when you lose someone you choose to love, rather than are born into?  I hope to never know, but I’ve always dreamed she must think us so selfish.  Her children who couldn’t hold themselves together long enough for her to get a tear in edgewise.  My mother is someone you could not be blessed to know, but honored, allowed, privileged. You’ll never meet a more giving soul, a wiser mind or more loving hug… well, unless you met Dad- his hugs were a bit bigger- as to fit his frame.  My mother will hold you all night, even at age 25, because you miss snuggling.  My mother will buy you a cup of coffee, because she knows you need a jolt.  My mother will remember my anniversary forever, because she is so invested in us, her children , being happy- she remembers their big days and makes a celebration occur that only she could ignite. She makes the sun shine the day after a rainy wedding and she makes the stars sparkle through that rain.  My mother… she has Al, and he is wonderful, but where would she be now?  Would she be seeing patients at 9pm with insurance that refuses payment?  Would her avocation of pushing for mental health rights been the catapult to make the government see that mental health deserves the same treatment terms and patients should have the same rights as physical health?  Would she have seen that part of her dream come true?  Where would you be, Mom?  Would you be happy?

I suppose we could ask these questions everyday, and although my Mom was in her 40’s when she lost her father, I don’t imagine it was any easier or harder.  The Worth-family has lost a lot, including Jonathan (brother/son) and Mark (father/husband) in April of 1990 and 1998, respectively, but we have gained a lot, too. Jess, Mom and I have a bond that most women don’t have.  Nick and Geoff have three extremely different women in their lives that bring different options to the table for them to choose.  And we all still have each other.  Twelve years later, let us never forget that.

However much I’ve let go, or have yet to release, on this day, I refuse to have faith in a deity who rips fathers from their children, husbands from their wives and friends from loyal companions.

I miss you, Dad.


11 Apr

Congratulations to Jess & Greg!    

Chelley barely made it through her ‘Tron of Hon speech, but did, and brought tears to everyone’s eyes!
The wedding was SO much fun- great band, delicious cake, and Jess & Greg had a photobooth at their wedding (the same people we used)- so we actually got to use it!!!
We danced with each other a lot- but also with the family- it was a great time, and we loved being a part of the big day- and getting some more new siblings (Greg, his sister Valerie and her husband Greg and their son Ryan, plus Mom-mom, Robin, Sherry, Devon and all our new groomsmen brothers… please, stop crotch-grabbing near the camera man).

Here are a few pictures of rehearsal, getting ready, the wedding and brunch:

P.S. Drama of the day… because it deserves a laugh:
Jess texted Greg* early in the morning asking him if he needed his extra shoes (she was packing for the wedding night).  She never got a response and as a million texts were coming in she deleted and, eventually, forgot she texted him.
At about 2:00, when she was getting her hair done, because she had not heard from Greg yet, she texted him “Happy Wedding Day.”  She got the response, “No”.  After 45 minutes of tears and phone calls made to everyone from Greg’s mom and sister to the Best Man’s family, the Country Club pulled Greg off the green- he had NO clue what was going on.  He sent a text, in summary, saying how happy he is and how he’s never wanted anything but this.  After we all shed a joyful tear and laughed at our dramatic-woman-tendencies, we finished our hair and went to the club… the rest, well, that comes under “Happily Ever After”.

*went out golfing EARLY in the AM with Ross David, his best man.


More Wedded Bliss for the Worth’s

8 Apr


Have you heard that one, yet?

Jessica (Chelley’s big sis), will be marrying Greg Schmidt this Saturday! We’re both very excited, AND get the chance to spend some time in beautiful Suburban Philadelphia!**

We’re on a mad rush to get everything done for Jess and Greg, but it’s all very exciting, too- and we want to repay them for everything they did for us on our big day.
WE THANK YOU (on the internet- could there be a more personal thanks?)  😉

**Chelley grew up in Huntingdon Valley, PA. The city is located in Montgomery County, about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia.  The house was recently renovated- including a new Great Room and Master Suite.  It’s amazing to be here.


So, should we continue our life story?

We met, re-met, went dutch on breakfast and, ultimately, fell in love. In the middle of this, Chelley moved from her illegal warehouse space (cold… so, so cold) and into an apartment across the street from Dave. Yes, literally, across the street.   We wanted to maintain some identity- even we know that we’re fools (clearly, only fools rush in).  In Chelley’s apartment, Dave built a beautiful loft and moved everything in for her!

Finally, a new opportunity (Dear Obama, We thank you.) arose- STIMULUS PACKAGE!  The $8,000 for new home buyers was passed, and we jumped on it.  Smith Street was our first attempt, however, we don’t carry $100,000 cash on us, so we bailed.  After looking at one rehab nightmare after another, we found a beauty (no address to disclose- sorry stalkers).  Tearing apart the house proved to strengthen our arms and our love, after all, a man who can rewire an entire home is pretty sexy… and a woman who can power sand, prime, paint and rehinge is a keeper.

Dave remodeling the MB closet. (and) The whole kitchen redone by Chelley!

Basically, we’re awesome… more of our story to follow.

Keep on keeping!

Why a blog? Why not.

3 Apr

So… as it so happens, we have family EVERYWHERE… and friends even further.
With that, perhaps it’s time (or long over-due) for a blog.

In the past year, we’ve purchased a home and gotten married- yes, Dave asked Chelley to be his wife after 10 blissful days of dating… she said “no”, but he quickly recovered (“I love you… r new sweater”).  Eventually, she agreed.

After a year of home ownership, lessons that can be learned are:
Put glue on stick tiles, hire someone to plaster the big parts, buy extra drop cloths, get some sleep and have a lot of fun renovating.

A brief introduction:
Dave and Chelley met in early 2004 at Julian’s in Providence.  It was here that Dave served Chelley some fine libations, where he was tending bar while opening BSharp.  2004… serving? Wait, wasn’t the Miss Worth only 20?! Yep, we met under illegal circumstances.
After college, and about a million different moves between Philadelphia, PA, Marlton, NJ, Alexandria, VA and back- Chelley reestablished herself in Providence, again, and on a brisk afternoon settled into an outdoor seat at (no other place for brunch!) Julian’s.  Who else should walk by, and not recognize her, but sweet David Martinka- on his way to work, stopping in for coffee.  After some light chat (“Yep, same Chelley”) and a boyish smile, he went off to BSharp.
Long story, sans the trivial, Dave and Chelley ended up at (gasp!) Julian’s for brunch after the new year 2008.  Dave went dutch (nice).
Chelley, however, could not resist his charming ways, silly hair or overall genuine heart and gave in for a second date, then a 3rd…
After declaring Ice Coffee Day and remembering Dave’s favorite spinach pie, Chelley knew it was love, and a beautiful ring was exchanged in September 2008… while Chelley was doing laundry.

… there is so much more to our story, but we’ll leave you lingering here.

On that note: 8 months of wedded bliss this day!