3 Aug

We celebrated 3 years yesterday and did it the budget-best-way!  Some sushi from Sakura, cheap champagne and snuggling with our baby girl… makes us wonder what the heck life was like before her!

We are amazed it’s been 3 years already, and our love grows more and more each day- just like Addie!

We want to wish Jon Hardy and Shannon Carroll a beautiful wedding weekend!!!!  We wish we could be there, but Addie is just too young to be away from just yet.

We want to keep up with the blog more, but with Chelley hard at work with the babe and Dave hard at work with WORK(!) it’s hard. We do hope you’re following Chelley’s blog about Addie at AisforAdelaide.com.

We love you all!!! Here’s to many more years of love and happiness together ❤


A is for Adelaide…

10 Jul

Hello friends and family!

We’ve been a bit off the map here, but we would love if you would follow the adventures of our baby girl at AisForAdelaide.com!

…and, if we don’t update: 3 years are coming up for us August 2 and we are so excited to be celebrating as a mommy and daddy this year!!

(AND a VERY HAPPY 2nd birthday to Carter on the 22nd!)


First Mother’s Day

24 Apr

First Mother’s Day

(please click to see just one of the amazing photos of Addie)

We had beautiful pictures taken at just 3 days old, and as a first Mother’s Day gift, I am hoping to purchase a disk of all of the beautiful images. There are a few posted on Facebook (please inquire about seeing the full album!), and I would be so blessed to be able to have a copy of the session so I don’t lose these memories of our baby girl’s first days.

Thank you so much.

Photo credits to Dimery Photography

Maternity in photos

24 Mar

We took a trip to Warwick for an evening of photos and good conversation.  We had some amazing pics taken, even though a few looked like Chelley swallowed Mr. Peanut and Dave can’t keep his eyes open.

Lynette Lipke, owner of Exalt Photography, welcomed us with a warm studio and lots of creative ideas.  A pregnant body is a lot of things, and beautiful isn’t always one of them, but Lynette’s use of lighting and her fancy tricks make a mom-to-be look on the outside, how amazing she feels on the inside!



14 Mar

Amazing moms and sisters for Chelley!

In PA, Chelley’s mom and sister threw a beautiful Beatrix Potter/tea party baby shower, and in RI, Dave’s mom and Katie threw a beautiful shower to welcome Addie, too!

From wipes to clothes, we’re pretty well set… we think. Who knows what will come, but we know how blessed we are to have such caring and generous people surrounding us!

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Addie’s pending arrival!


28 Jan


We never posted how amazing Hawaii was? Chelley must have a case of pregnant brain, because we’re STILL raving about the trip!  Even in the midst of APEC and all the road closures, we found a lot of peace and fell in love with the north shore of Honolulu.  The wedding was simple beauty, and we wish Ali and Chris tons of love and happiness as they celebrate their marriage and birth of their first child, too!

Pictures can do it no justice, but here are a few to try:

Ali & Bassi’s first kiss!

At the luau

Our hike before getting on the flight home.

Pearl Harbor

At the wedding

We had such an amazing time and are so glad we got to not only spend time with friends in Hawaii, but spend some loving time together before the arrival of our little girl.  We may not always have Paris, but we’ll always have Hawaii!

Adelaide Eileen

25 Dec

… Merry Christmas!!!

love, Dave and Chelley

Next year, Adelaide Eileen (aka Addie) will be celebrating with us too.  We hope you love her name, but if you don’t- we DIDN’T ask, so keep your opinions to yourself 🙂